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Cutting with scissors requires a number of skills, including fine motor skills (the skill of hand separation), as well as hand-eye coordination. This can be a difficult skill for children who have small hands. In this cute activity book, your kids will find various kinds of shapes to help develop these skills, starting with straight lines and basic shapes, with the difficultly slowly progressing to more intricate designs, building up to cute animals and objects. Your child can cut out the pictures, and then have fun coloring them to create their very own works of art. With Scissors Skills for Kids, your children will develop their fine motor skills, coordination, concentration and dexterity. This fun activity book will keep your young artists occupied for hours.


Scissor Skills for Kids includes:

  • Suitable for kids ages 3 and up!

  • Over 45 exercises to help kids learn to use scissors safely

  • Cute illustrations that kids can then color and decorate before (or after) cutting

  • 8.5x11 format to give little hands plenty of space to practice

  • Perfect fine motor skill activity




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Module B (2) - Scissor Skills.png

Learning to use scissors can be one of the most challenging tasks for young children. So why not make it fun? With an entire book dedicated to their growing scissor skills, your child can start at the beginning with straight lines and work their way up to the cute, more intricate designs that they will have a blast coloring and cutting out along the bold, easy to follow dotted line.

Fine motor skills can be a challenge to practice, but as we all know - practice makes progress. Learning to cut using scissors develops your child's fine motor skills and coordination. Because they are developing muscles they haven't used in this way before, it requires a lot of practice and development. 


Broken down into several categories, including Lines, Basic Shapes, Numbers, and Fun Shapes and Animals. This helps keep your child from getting bored with too much redundancy, and helps them progress their skills as the more intricate shapes start to introduce smaller curves and angles. 

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