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There aren't many professions I have more respect for than I do for teachers. Let's be honest, it is an exhausting and challenging job that is underpaid and often times under appreciated. So make the most of Teacher's Appreciation Week and remind the teachers in your life how thankful you are for all that they do. 

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June & Lucy's Weekly Planner has all the beauty and flexibility of a Pinterest worthy big bullet journal with none of the effort required. With each monthly and weekly layout overlayed onto a subtle dot grid, you are able to plan however you need to meet your needs. Each weekly layout has spacious room to plan your daily activities, events or meetings, as well as a weekly planner with notes section and room for your to do list.

Monthly and Weekly Planning

This planner has 12 monthly layouts that contain a blank month calendar, a space for tracking your goals, events, deadlines and tasks for each month, as well as a habit tracker and a mood tracker. With the undated format, you are able to start where you are, and even if you get caught up and don't use it for several weeks, you can pick back up where you left off without wasting months of pages.

9 commonly used trackers

With each monthly layout containing a designated mood tracker and habit tracker, and a tracker section at the back with gorgeously designed birthday trackers, a bucket list tracker, a master packing list, a reading list, a watch list, as well as a debt and savings tracker, this lifestyle planner has everything you could possibly want.


While there are a lot of coffee mugs out there, very few match the quality, functionality and, shall we say, adorableness of June & Lucy's mugs. With each design hand lettered by June & Lucy owner, Kristin Bowman, these mugs are simply gorgeous - and perfectly sized for that extra large cup of coffee our teachers need to start their day off. 

Pro-tip: grab a gift card or two and have your child write a hand written note expressing their gratitude to place in the mug and deliver along with a bag of your favorite coffee or box of your favorite tea. A gift that is sure to put a smile on their face for every morning thereafter. 


Grocery List Notepad -This tear-off grocery list notepad makes planning and shopping for your groceries and bulk inventory a breeze. Check off household items and ingredients as you run out and never forget to pick up an item again.

  • Pre-Populated Categories: organized checklist by categories like Produce and Snacks, this easy-to-use notepad simplifies meal planning and shopping with common grocery grouping.

  • The grocery list pad consists of 60 undated pages made of high-quality, 120 gsm paper that tears away easily getting you from one grocery trip to the next.

  • The 6 x 9 notepad gives you plenty of space to include all the items you need while remaining compact enough to pop in your bag and take on the go.

  • Each category lists common grocery items with extra space to fill in your additional needs.



Never again forget an e-mail address or scramble through your junk drawers to find a phone number or address with this chic address book. The organized, alphabetical system makes recording the contact information of your friends, family, and acquaintances a snap.

  • The compact 6x9 inch size of this address book allows you to easily store the book or take it on the go.

  • Keep the book on display with the stunning hand-designed, floral cover.

  • Each letter of the alphabet includes space for 16 individual entries.

  • Includes address, phone number (home, office, and cell) and e-mail so all of your important information is stored in one place.



Can’t seem to keep track of all those passwords and usernames for these websites you rarely or maybe even never visit? Then you sure need this Password Logbook to keep them all safe in one place and well organized from A to Z. This cute logbook offers enough room to store your passwords, pins, hints and other additional notes in over 100 pages.

Product Details:

  • High quality 60lb (90gsm) paper stock

  • Premium matte-finish cover design

  • Perfect for all writing mediums

  • Conveniently sized at 6x9" for being discrete and placing in a household safe or lockbox



Sometimes you don't want to go through the effort of maintaining a full planner, or maybe you want to track your tasks in a single consolidated place to increase your efficiencies in completing them. June & Lucy created the original to-do list notebook, and there is a reason it has been copied by dozens of other brands - because it works!

This is the perfect notebook to keep track of your daily, weekly or monthly tasks, chores and responsibilities in a simple, organized manner. Each page has two columns of 13 standard checkboxes as well as a priority box to highlight your top 8 tasks, paired with a full page dot matrix layout for additional notes and memos.


We offer our to do list notebook in a variety of cover styles and formats, in both hard-cover and paperback options. 

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Not much more critical to getting through a long day than staying hydrated. So you may as well make it easy on yourself and cute at the same time with our stainless steel, insulated water bottles. Now on a clearance sale to clear out remaining inventory for only $5.00 each. 

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The Meal Planner & Grocery List is the perfect tool to track your upcoming meals and simplify your grocery trips. This planner contains space to plan a year's worth of meal's and grocery trips (52 weeks) in a beautiful and motivational style.

  • Helpful, organized layout: Each layout contains a meal planning grid on the left with a space to document your planned breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks for every day of the week, as well as an accompanying grocery list on the right hand side with a convenient check box format.

  • Planning your meals is one of the easiest ways to stay on track with either both your nutrition goals as well as your budgeting goals regarding your weekly meals. This makes it easy and efficient in a manageable format that will ensure your consistency and continued use.

  • Beautiful cover and portable format: The vibrant cover makes this book stand out as a beautiful feature of your kitchen, and the portable 6x9" format makes it easy to toss in your purse and head out the door to the grocery store.

We offer our meal planner in a variety of cover styles and formats, in both hard-cover and paperback options, as well as a meal planner in a notepad format with tear off sheets.

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