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Start your journey toward a better, brighter you with this health and wellness planner. Our increasingly busy lives seem to be packed to the brim with appointments, errands, and deadlines leaving little room for physical and nutritional health. Not to mention the feeling of starting a new fitness and nutrition regimen can seem overwhelming. This 12-week journal walks you step by step through your wellness journey with guided planner pages, motivational quotes and tips, and check-ins to track your progress.

  • Transform your health and wellness journey in 12 weeks - Each daily page is undated allowing you to start where you are and use what you have! Track goals, hydration, meals, sleep, fitness activity, and other elements to paint a complete picture of your physical, mental, and nutritional health.
  • Goal check-ins to track progress - Because the non-scale victories can be as important as the numbers, this planner helps track progress in all areas beyond just measurements and weight, including nutrition, lifestyle, and wellness.
  • Meaningful motivation from fitness coach Sara England - Experienced health and wellness coach Sara England wrapped all her best tips, tricks, motivation, and wise words all up into one book to provide you the best toolkit to hit the ground running.
  • Dreamy aesthetics in a quality planner - Tuck this stylish planner in your bag and take it to work, the gym, or your kids’ playdate. The hardcover binding and colorful interior are splashed with dreamy blues, pinks, and yellows making it practical and stunning.

The Ultimate Fitness Planner

SKU: CFP0008
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