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With Modern Lettering, Kristin Bowman of June & Lucy has packed years of perfecting her iconic hand lettering into one gorgeous workbook so that any beginner can hit the ground running. Modern Lettering is a comprehensive modern calligraphy and hand lettering guide with practice pages that teaches you the foundations of hand lettering (tools, form, grip, strokes, basic letterform construction, and simple alphabets) all the way through additional stylized alphabets, practice words, flourishes, and picture-perfect completed lettering projects. With over 170 pages of content, Modern Lettering provides you not only the foundations of forming the basic strokes and individual letters, but also contains 18 pages of more than 125 words to ensure you have all of the guidance necessary to take your lettering to the next level.

The hardcover book is bound with a gold spiral and has a full, vibrant color interior printed on premium paper, perfect for practicing without bleeding through the page. The stunning aesthetic and easy-to-learn concepts make Modern Lettering a great gift for a birthday, holiday, Christmas, or any special occasion. It also makes a great treat for yourself and is gorgeous enough to display on your shelf or as a coffee table book.

Included in the book:


  • Beautiful hardcover book bound with a gold spiral
  • Easy-to-understand introduction and instructions to hand lettering basics
  • Lessons for six unique brush lettering styles (including full alphabet and practice words)
  • 4 additional serif and sans serif alphabets
  • Lined practice pages with step-by-step guides
  • Guidance on utilizing banners, illustrations, lettering enhancements and flourishes
  • Instructions for design composition
  • 20 guided projects to showcase your lettering skills
  • 5 frame-worthy pre-designed backgrounds for your lettering projects
  • Premium paper perfect for smooth strokes and no bleed-through

Modern Lettering

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