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  • 500 Piece Puzzle: This charming, 500-piece puzzle featuring a collage of dozens of different dog breeds is sure to entertain all puzzlers, from older kids through adulthood. The art and piece-count make for a challenging yet leisurely puzzling experience that will keep your mind and hands busy for hours. Inside the box, find the precisely cut puzzle pieces and a beautiful reference picture.
  • Dazzling Artwork: This puzzle features a collage of dog portraits of all shapes, sizes, and breeds, including Great Danes, pugs, bulldogs, dalmatians, and so many more. The rich greens, turquoises, golds, peaches, and blues make the puzzle both adorable and artistic.
  • Screen-free Entertainment: Put your hands and mind to work while enjoying this puzzle. Puzzling is a great way to reduce stress, support brain activity, and have some fun without relying on TV or video games.
  • Makes a Great Gift: Children and adults alike will be thrilled to receive this puzzle during a birthday or holiday. Or gather the family together to work on the puzzle as a team during the next game night.

Dog Collage

SKU: PC011
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