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2022 Gift Guide: Mom Edition

Every year when October comes around I always start to run through the gauntlet of figuring out gift ideas for everyone. The timeline for shopping has become earlier and earlier in the year for me over the past couple of years with supply chain issues still a very real lingering effect after the pandemic causing product shortages (and higher prices). So I'm stocking up on holiday gifts for friends and family asap to make sure I'm not stuck in that last minute shopping crunch that always seems to sneak up on me regardless. But there's always a first for being on top of everything, right?! So to kick off the holiday season - here's a holiday gift guide for your mom friends, your own mom, moms in your family, etc. that provides you a one stop shop for finding a gift that the women in your life are sure to love.

  1. Hand-lettered coffee mugs.

In my experience (and I've got a lot), there are a few gifts you can't go wrong with no matter who you are shopping for, including cozy throw blankets, gorgeously scented candles, and charming coffee mugs, like this hand-lettered ceramic camping mug collection. The designs are all hand-lettered by mom and June & Lucy founder, Kristin Bowman, designed to bring a little bit of sunshine to make mornings (not to mention your coffee) even sweeter. These mugs are solid ceramic, hold a whopping 15oz (perfect for the mom who needs that extra large cup of coffee in the morning), and are microwave and dishwasher safe. And they have free shipping through Amazon prime, which is always an added bonus.

2. FabFitFun Box

Ok I love these things. They are the perfect combination of fun, surprise, practical and a bit indulgent. Every box I have gotten has things that I always say "I never would have bought this for myself, but I LOVE it", which is just what I feel like a gift should be. And the beauty of it is that you can either sign them up for a box and give the box itself as a gift, or you can get them a gift card that they can treat themselves with.

3. Heirloom Recipe Book & Meal Planner

Perfect for the home chef, the sentimental mom, the beloved holiday host, and more - this heirloom quality create-your-own Recipe Book is probably my absolute favorite gift to give out. In the days of saving recipes to Pinterest boards only to spend hours scrolling back trying to find something you cooked months ago, and not remembering how you tweaked it, or who you prepared it for - June & Lucy has you covered with this gorgeous diy Recipe Book. With it's gorgeous illustrated and hand-lettered cover, gold spiral, and heavy duty paper, it is designed to last for years, perfect for filling with mom's

favorite recipes and gifting to children and grandchildren over the years. There is just something special about memories from the kitchen that we are losing in the digital age, and this is the perfect gift to help recapture it. Pair it with the matching weekly meal planner to create the perfect gift bundle for any mom, friend, coworker, family member and more.

4. Our Place One Pot

Ok maybe it is my love for the kitchen, or possibly my love for efficiencies - but hitting you up again with another kitchen product with this classic One Pot from Our Place. They aren't wrong when they say that the Perfect Pot does everything from boiling to baking, crisping to steaming. Simply put, they reimagined what a pot can be, and it turns out, a pot can be perfect. Plus the variety of colors make it absolutely swoon-worthy and a gorgeous addition to any kitchen (I have one that matches the cover of my recipe book and I'm smitten with the combo). And what mom (or dad, let's be honest) isn't looking for a one gadget to rule them all in the kitchen??

5. Wine Journal

For the gift basket loving mom friends, this is always one of my go tos. I love to pair a couple bottles of wine (or even gift card for a Winc wine subscription for the ones with a super special place in my heart), some cute wine glasses (like these precious lustered ones from Anthropologie), and this adorable little Wine Journal for tracking your favorite vintages. This turns what would typically be a very 'blah' gift into something unique, thoughtful and Instagram worthy. With its gorgeous matte cover, and each page providing a dedicated spot to track your taste buds with each bottle, you will never forget which wine paired perfectly with which meal, which ones you loved, and which ones you will pass on next time around.

6. BareFoot Dreams CozyChic Throw Blanket

There is a reason Chrissy Teigen constantly posts about Barefoot Dreams (or is it just me that feels like she does?). It's because they are soooooooo soft. I'm also slightly obsessed with throw blankets and have always had a very, very hard time of getting rid of them. So they historically just piled up in an overflowing blanket basket in my living room. Until this one came along - the throw blanket that put all others to shame. Once I got this one, I was able to ditch the massive pile since I never wanted to use them again. If you're looking for a basket idea, couple it with one of June & Lucy's ceramic camping mugs and a cute hot-cocoa set, and you have what cozy dreams are made of. (Bonus points - this one is also available in over a dozen colors)

7. Color Me Floral

It is no secret that adult coloring books are trending, in large part because we have finally started to realize the importance of sitting down and taking a moment away from cleaning, taking care of kids, cooking, working, etc. and just doing something relaxing that allows our mind to take a break. And coloring books allow you to do just that - all the while exercising those creative muscles a bit in a stress free way. This coloring book is the sweetest little escape wrapped up in a floral package. Add a package of colored pencils, a soft robe or an herbal tea box and give mom the gift of relaxation and me-time.

8. Plaid Polar Fleece Shacket

Ok so I don't know about the moms you know, but there is just about nothing better than being comfy and still feeling like you look cute. And this jacket just does that for me. This super soft fleece, warm without being stifling, and super cute to throw over a pair of leggings and a simple t-shirt when you are bolting out the door trying to get the kids to school on time. It's just an all around win in my opinion. And at $45 it is an insane steal at Nordstrom right now.

9. Kendra Scott Earrings

Ok you can't go wrong with a Kendra Scott staple piece. And these gorgeous drop earrings go with EVERYYYYYTHING and then some. They are the perfect size to make them a suitable accent piece for any outfit, from fancy to casual, without being over the top (or too heavy). You know that the quality is always there with Kendra Scott, and for these the price is too since they are on sale for less than $30 (while quantity lasts, which I imagine won't be forever)

10. Sherpa Slippers

Ok so slippers can often be a default gift idea, sure. But if you're gonna do something - do it right. And these slippers are oh so right. Their name isn't lying, they are in fact the coziest sherpa slippers around. In the work from home world, I live in slippers - and I consider myself lucky if I remember to take them off to go drop my kids off at school. But at least with these, when I forget, no one will blame me since they simply exhude comfort (and are cute at that). Pair them with a matching robe if your feeling like pouring some extra love on mom this year.

11. Silk-Pillowcase

Alright hear me out, as one naturally curly/wavy haired mama, the value of a silk pillowcase cannot be expressed enough. Not only is it great for your hair, but also for your skin. Making this the perfect indulgent yet practical gift for any mom looking to reduce some of those fine lines, increase skin hydration, and reduce damage and tangles in hair. A bit of luxury with the added anti-aging benefits. What could be better than that? (One of my favorite gifts I have ever received was one of these pillowcases with an accompanying silk scrunchie set - still the only scrunchies I use to date).

12. Luxe Dot Grid Planner

Moms are busy. Whatever is going on, life, doctors appointments, kids events, school events, work, etc. So we need somewhere to keep track of all the things. Events, goals, tasks, deadlines, and more. But this gorgeous planner goes above and beyond, and puts all other planners to shame. It includes all of the luxe and beauty of a Pinterest worthy bullet journal, without any of the work. Each layout is hand designed, with the monthly layouts containing the monthly overview, habit tracker and mood tracker, gorgeously designed weekly spreads, and a full section of beautiful trackers, including birthday trackers, debt and savings trackers, a seasonal bucket list, and a master packing list to make sure you never forget anything. All in a gorgeous designed package with a beautiful velvety

smooth black matte cover with a subtle floral embossing, with a section-sewn binding to allow for it to lay completely flat and make it easy and practical to use. It also uses extra thick, smooth paper so there is no bleed through, and while your life may feel a mess sometimes, your planner will never reflect that.

13. Kindle Paperwhite

For the book loving mom, this is the gift that keeps on giving. I gave one to my grandmother years ago and I still remember her reaction when she got it. You would have thought she won the lottery. And then earlier this year when I set her up on the Libby app, which lets her rent e-books from the local library for free, well - let's just say I have yet been able to top that gift in her mind. I use mine non-stop, and it has proven to be especially valuable running all of the kids errands, sitting in waiting rooms, sitting in the car while my son does his physical therapy, or on vacations. Unlimited books at my fingertips! Now that's what I call a gift.

14. Weighted Eye Mask

Another indulgent luxe gift that you would never get for yourself, but once you have it you can't live without - this lightly weighted, insanely soft fleece sleep mask by Nod Pod is simply glorious. And this is coming from someone who typically can't stand sleep masks. The gentle pressure that it has helps alleviate stress, anxiety and improves sleep in the best way.

15. Fitbit Luxe Activity Tracker

Fitbits are getting better and better these days. And this one is no exception to the rule. This is the luxury edition of the standard Fitbit and its gorgeous sleek design helps combine function and fashion in the best way. It also comes with a six-month membership to the Fitbit premium app, so there's that lovely bonus! This one happens to be on my Christmas list, so I figure I can't go wrong recommending it to others here - I mean, just look at that simple beauty.

16. Capri Blue Pink Shimmer Candle

There is just something awe inspiring about how gorgeous this candle collection is. From the Pink Shimmer to the Champagne or Mercury style, you can't go wrong with these statement piece candles that smell incredible at that. After converting to work from home full time, I learned to greatly appreciate turning my house into a comfort zone, with everything from gorgeous smelling candles to items of pure comfort. And these do the absolute trick in a beautiful package.

17. Belt Bag

If there is one thing moms generally feel like they need in addition to more time, it is more hands. And this adorable belt bag allows you to carry the essentials without the need for extra hands. I used one recently while traveling and became absolutely addicted to the convenience of it, and this Kate Spade version combines all of the convenience with the most adorable fashion. The buckle makes putting it on and taking it off easy, and the dual pouches make it easier to get what you need out at any given time without having to dig through the bottom of an endless purse or tote bag.

18. Thera-gun Mini Massager

Ok so moms have a stressful job. Whether they are working moms, stay at home moms, it is a full time job that can frankly be a lot at times. So I'd be remiss if I didn't add this one to the list as the perfect gift to help mom melt away her tension with the Theragun deep tissue handheld massage gun. Cramps and knots caused by daily stress can be resolved on the go, and bonus points - it is small and compact and isn't another big gadget that you have to find somewhere to store.

19. Shield of Strength Necklace

Ok sometimes we want to splurge a bit - and here it is. This gorgeous 10k gold necklace with an ethically sourced square cut diamond. I'm all for easy jewelry that goes with everything. Jewelry that makes me look put together, but that I don't actually have to put that much thought into. And this is that piece - the perfect "goes with everything" necklace that is a reminder to mom of how strong she is. Paired with a simple chain with her children's initials and she just might never take it off.

20. Libbey Classic Cocktail Carats 4-Piece Bar Mixing Set

So we know kids are great - but they do make it a bit harder to go out for happy hour or a drink at your favorite bar sometimes. So why not gift mom the gift of a little upgrade to her home bar, allowing her to still treat herself once in a while to what feels like a fancy drink out, or hosting friends in one evening. This little 4 piece bar mixing set is the cutest little extravagance to make staying in feel just as fancy.

And there you have it - a gift for every mom and for every budget. I hope you and the moms in your lives find something you love!

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