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This convenient and portable teacher's Lesson Planner will help you keep track of your weekly lessons, your student roster, field trip information, to do list and more. It is the perfect book for teachers who are looking for an efficient tool for lesson and extracurricular planning throughout the school year, with spacious and simply designed weekly spreads for lesson planning, task tracking, communication logs and more - all at an incredibly affordable price and an adorably cute, velvety matte flexible cover. 


This Lesson Planner includes:

  • Classroom Information

  • Weekly lesson plan scheduler broken down for various subjects

  • Field Trip scheduler

  • 8x10 format to provide sufficient space

  • Student Roster

  • Weekly to do list tracker for task prioritization

  • Blank pages for notes in the back





In addition to the weekly lesson planning spreads and the weekly to do lists for task prioritization, this lesson planner contains a variety of additional tracking pages that allow a teacher to maintain an efficient and organized compilation of their pertinent classroom information throughout the year. 

In a sufficiently large 8x10" format to provide enough space to take all necessary notes and provide an appropriate amount of detail for your lesson plans, but simultaneously being lightweight and portable enough to take it between school and home with ease. You will find yourself coming back for another copy year after year. 


Lesson plans are an incredibly important part of teaching - but they do not tell the whole story of a teacher's job from day to day. So we include repeated spreads of to do lists broken down by week for you to keep track of all of the miscellaneous tasks that go into keeping your classroom operating at maximum efficiency. It is the simplest and most efficient way of keeping your head on straight while juggling all of the things on your plate in a straightforward and systematic manner.

Pick the cover style of your choice, each with identical interiors and specifications.

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