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The perfect activity book for your little one as they start to practice not only gripping and holding writing tools, but also controlling them with their continuously developing fine motor skills. Learning to Trace is the perfect book to help transition your child from those adorably delightful scribbles we all love so much to more intentioned and controlled drawings, starting with basic lines before moving onto basic shapes, and ultimately tracing large letter forms (with the goal being to start identifying the shape and practicing the motions of writing it).


Learning to Trace includes:

  • Suitable for kids ages 3 and up!

  • 90 pages of guided practice for your child to learn on

  • Easy to follow traceable guides 

  • Each concept has a dedicated 2 page spread to allow for plenty of practice

  • 8.5x11 to provide sufficient space for beginner motor skills

  • No experience required!




Module B (1) - LTT.png
Module B (2) - LTT.png

In addition to learning to trace basic lines and shapes, Learning to Trace will also introduce your child into tracing and ultimately writing all 26 letters of the alphabet. First and foremost with a half-page letter with arrows guiding their strokes, leading up to greyscale guide letters for them to trace repeatedly, and then a blank lined page on the accompanying side for them to try drawing the shapes on their own. 

Providing the basic foundation of intentional drawing, teaching your child to trace established lines, shapes and letters is the perfect start to helping them develop their fine motor skills, practice gripping their writing tool of choice, and tracing over the dashed line and greyscale guides, all while keeping them entertained and engaged.


Broken down into three categories, the book starts off with the basics of a straight line, slowly increasing with lines that introduce curves and angles. The second section has them trace basic shapes, again starting with basic circles, squares, triangles etc. and moving onto more dynamic shapes such as stars and pentagons. The final section has your child tracing each letter of the alphabet repeatedly on a child appropriate line width perfect for beginners who are starting out with large strokes. 

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