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Help your child learn to read and recognize basic words of everyday life with this cute workbook featuring 100 Sight Words.

Sight words are words that need to be memorized in order to help children read and write. Learning how to recognize these words “on sight” as opposed to having to break them down into their individual sounds and phonics is the best way for a child to identify them and strengthen their reading skills.


The best way for a child to learn sight words is through repetition, in the form of exercises and games. On each page they will find fun exercises and cute illustrations to color in which will help them start identifying the word shapes and naturally start reading them without even noticing! Learning to Read and Write Sight Words is the perfect tool to help build a solid foundation.


Learning to Read and Write Sight Words includes:

  • Suitable for kids ages 4 and up!

  • 100 high frequency words

  • Follows the Fry sight words, including the most common words in the English language

  • Each word has a dedicated 8.5x11 page to provide sufficient practice

  • Includes various activities to keep new readers engaged and excited about learning to read




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Each page contains 7 different ways to practice reading the word and identifying it by sight, including Color it, Trace it, Write it, Fill it in, Complete the sentence (using the word in context), and two activities. The various activities include simple word searches, color by word style, connect the dots, circle the word, color the word bubbles, and more to keep from becoming repetitive to the point of disengaging. 

Sight words is a common term in reading that  has a variety of meanings. When it is applied to early reading instruction, it typically refers to the set of about 100 words that keeps reappearing on almost any page of text. “Who, the, he, were, does, their, me, be” are a few examples.

In addition to their being very frequent, many of these words cannot be “sounded out.” By utilizing our Learning to Read and Write Sight words, your child will be able to practice learning them by sight (i.e., by looking at them and recognizing them, without needing to try to sound them out.)

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The complete Fry Sight Words list includes the most common 1,000 words. Dr. Edward Fry developed this expanded list in the 1950s (and updated it in 1980), based on the most common words to appear in reading materials used in Grades 3-9. Learning all 1,000 words in the Fry list would equip a child to read about 90% of the words in a typical book, newspaper, or website.

The Fry words are listed by the frequency with which they occur and are often broken down into groups of 100. So the first 100 Fry words are the 100 most frequently occurring words in the English language.

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