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Your kids will love learning to draw from this adorable illustrated book that walks them through how to draw over 60 cute and silly things. How to Draw for Kids uses simple illustrated step-by-step guides to teach children of all ages how to draw items from six fun themes, including everything from the cutest chameleon and the coolest little astronaut, to the most adorable dragon and the cheesiest slice of animated pizza. The best way to encourage your child to create frameable works of art and keep their crayons off your walls! Grab a copy (or two!) and let’s get started!


How to Draw for Kids includes:

  • Suitable for kids ages 4 and up!

  • Over 60 of the cutest drawings for your child to learn to duplicate

  • Easy to follow instructions that walk them through line by line

  • Each item is broken down into 6-8 steps

  • 8.5x11 to provide sufficient space

  • No experience required!




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Each illustration is broken down into 6-8 step-by-step instructions to show your child how to draw the item in a simple and logical way, line by line, until they have created a work of art they are sure to beam with pride over. The possibilities are limitless with this non-screentime activity that will help them fine tune their drawing skills with independent playtime.

This How to Draw for Kids book is great for kids of any age - even those who do not know how to read yet! Walk your child through the underlying concept and they can take it from there, recreating each of these unbelievably cute and silly drawings, which they can then color in with crayons, colored pencils, markers or paint, however they wish! Recreate the drawings on any material you have laying around, from plain scratch paper to blank cards they can illustrate to create the perfect gifts for grandma and grandpa.

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The book contains over 60 illustrations from 6 categories, setting your child up to create full illustrations once they learn how to draw each of the items from the categories. Prompt them to draw a zoo once they finish the Animal section, or scene from their house once they finish Around the House, or even a magical kingdom full of dragons and wizards! They can combine the individual drawings however their cute little creative minds desire.



The perfect accompanying book for our How to Draw for Kids Book is this blank sketchbook, full of over 100 blank pages for them to practice all of their drawings or various artforms. 

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