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Dreams are fleeting. It is common knowledge that the more time that has passed since you woke up from a dream, the more difficult it will be to remember what that dream was about. We have all had that moment where we can remember our dream when we first wake up and then when we go to tell someone about it later, the memory is completely gone. Enter the dream journal.

Writing down your dreams as soon as you wake up makes it easier to remember what they were about later, and will eventually help you with your dream recollection regardless of whether you wrote them down. This guided dream journal is the perfect opportunity to not only write your dreams down, but to practice analyzing them and tracking the quality of sleep associated with the dream.


What are the benefits of keeping a Dream Journal?

  • Work on memory retention and problem solving - track and retain valuable information and insight 

  • Foster creativity - access an unending well of creativity that can be used as a springboard for art, writing and other projects

  • Process your emotions - the act of writing down our dreams along with our feelings allow us to tap into our deep-rooted emotions

  • Track sleep quality 





As part of your psychology, dreams can affect how we not only feel, but also how we think. We have all had those dreams where we wake up and feel uncomfortable, or particularly joyful. Our dreams bleed into our daily life, and having a positive dream the night before can help you go through a day with happiness and optimism, while waking up from a nightmare may make your next day full of dread and anxiety. By journaling your dreams you are able to better understand why you feel the way that you do each day. You may even be able to identify triggers for your thoughts and emotions that you were not otherwise consciously aware of.

The art identifying dream symbols, interpreting and analyzing the meaning behind your dream is something that takes practice, and let's be honest - some subjective guessing. Whether you believe in the meaning behind the symbols in your dreams or it is just a fun conversation starter - your dream journal comes with a short symbol dictionary to get you started exploring your dreams and analyzing the meaning and motivation behind them. 


Each layout contains space for documenting and tracking your sleep duration, quality, what stirred you to wake, and how you felt upon waking so that you can start to see how your sleep traits affect your dreams. You are able to then move into identifying the symbols from your dream and including a description and short analysis that will help encourage your creativity, strengthen your memory retention, and tap into deep-rooted emotions.

Grab a copy of our Kid's Dream Journal while you are at it and make it a morning routine for the family! Journal about your dreams and then use it as a conversation topic on the ride to school or at dinner time. 

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